Homework Assigned For Homeroom: 7-4 (119)
September 16, 2021
Assigned By: Jenn Hanley
- Accept invite to google classroom if you have not yet done so

- If you were absent from class today please review material posted in Google Classroom before next music class.
Social Studies
Assigned By: Jackie Ghaney
In class, we have been googling images of each map in order to answer the attached questions.

For p. 1 - google 'Labelled World Map' to answer the questions
For p. 2 - google 'Labeled North America Map' to answer the questions
For p. 3 - use the same map at p. 2
For p. 4 - google 'Labelled Map of Canada' to answer the questions
For p. 5 - google 'Labelled Bodies of Water Canada Map' to answer the questions
For p. 6 - you unscramble the capital city names of each province
Assigned By: Laura Clemens-Brenton
Quiz on 1.1-1.2 on Fri, Sept 24.

We worked on pages 8-10 today in class.

All notes are on my webpage and in Google classroom. If you have been absent, you are responsible for catching up on missed work!
September 15, 2021
Language Arts
Assigned By: Donna Mills
All journal entries from last week should be submitted in a journal exercise. Currently reading novel in class- moving on to chapter 2. Class notes will be posted.
September 14, 2021
Assigned By: Laura Clemens-Brenton
We started Unit 1 yesterday. We completed the divisibility rules for 2, 5 and 10. We also began the rule for divisibility by 4 today. Students should review the material completed in class each evening.

For anyone who has missed class up to this point, all materials can be found on my webpage. Blank notes, answer keys, extra practice, supplemental materials and videos for each topic are all linked on my personal page. When absent from class, you should follow along/review the notes located here.

Assigned By: Amanda Glynn
No homework.